AS OF 5/25/21

As we further our understanding of what Covid-19 will look like closer to the summer, these plans are subject to change. 

Camp Ballibay will be in operation for summer 2021. Our goal is to minimally impact the normal flow of camp, while at the same time taking all necessary and prudent precautions to minimize risk.

We are continuing to research best practices while closely following the guidelines laid out by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the CDC. We are fortunate to have many doctors, public health professionals, and scientists among our camp parents, with whom we’ve consulted throughout our planning. As with many things COVID-related, we get different (and changing) recommendations even from the most knowledgeable of sources, and we carefully consider all input and information we receive from medical and public health professionals and scientists doing relevant research. The following guidelines are what we expect we will need to do prior to opening day and beyond. We ask that families remain flexible, as we are all getting new information every day and we are continually adapting and refining our plans. 


  • Requiring a negative PCR Covid test upon arrival, and taken no more than 48-72 hours before arrival at camp. 
  • We will assign all families arriving by car a 45-minute window for camp drop off and pick up. Prior to your camper's opening day we will send you a doodle poll, so you are able to let us know your preferences for drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Our Covid-testing partner, Grapefruit Health will provide tests to families more than 72 hours before each family's arrival.
  • Any family who takes the Grapefruit test less than 48 hours before arrival is not guaranteed their results by arrival time.
  • While we encourage you to get the vaccine for your camper, if they are eligible, at this time vaccination status will not affect our masking, social distancing, or testing policies.


  • There will be no visitors allowed at camp. 
  • Staff and campers will wear Check-19 disposable thermometer patches that accurately reflect if internal body temperature is raised above 99.5 degrees. 
  • Campus buildings will be equipped with hand sanitizer 
  • During the first three days of each session, all campers and staff will mask and social distance in cabin pods. Our masking policy is only for the first three days of each session and masks will only need to be worn outside the cabin, and even then probably not when walking from place to place as a cabin group with no other cabin groups nearby. They are essential during the orientation sessions themselves (which are usually indoors), when waiting outside the dining hall before meals, and while in the buffet line at meals (in case a non-cabin member walks by). So, at most 45 minutes at a time (in the orientation sessions), and typically less than that (maybe 10 minutes before the meal, and only a few minutes on the buffet line).
  • Within the first 2 days, everyone on campus will be PCR tested again (we will receive results within 24 hours). 
  • If we are a Covid-free campus, we will de-mask and continue in Covid-free quarantine for the rest of the session. 
  • If someone tests positive, they will be sent home with our apologies, and we will continue the social distancing for another two days, and test the entire campus again. 
  • Strict protocols around packages and mail, deliveries, and any outside service people coming onto campus (electricians, etc.) will be in place.