Camp Ballibay has several different, dedicated spaces for our dance, theater, musical, drama, acting and rock campers to use.



The “Ballibay” is our primary indoor theater space. The stage is 30’ wide x 24’ deep, with a large fabric back wall for projections and lighting effects. The theater space has excellent lighting and sound capabilities, including multiple video projectors, conventional and LED fixtures, moving lights, and multi-channel sound. The large house can accommodate 200 audience members on chairs or seated on the carpet. Musicals, cabarets, rock band nights, and dance concerts are all held in the Ballibay Theater during our summer theater, drama, acting and rock and other camp sessions.

An elevated tech booth houses lighting control and stage management; sound is controlled from the floor of the house. Up to eight high-definition cameras can be connected from the stage back to the video control room, allowing for excellent live multi-camera video production. Learn more about our video program here.

Campers operate all the lighting, sound, and video equipment, supervised by our experienced staff. Usually, campers also provide stage management, floor management, and stage crew staff. Ideally, Ballibay shows are 100% camper-operated, having learned the required technical skills from our staff during the rehearsal process. Learn more about our technical theater program here.


A unique “platform theater,” the outdoor platform is comprised of three stages; a large central stage and two side stages connected to it via ramps. The side stages curve around the audience on the left and the right. The audience sits on a grassy incline, which easily accommodates the entire camp. A tech booth sits at the back of the audience space for control of lights. A table is set up at the back of the audience area for sound control. Up to four high-definition video cameras can be cabled back to the video control room in the Ballibay Theater, allowing for live multi-camera video production.


The Little is an experimental and classroom space shared by the theater, art, and dance departments.


Located behind the Ballibay Theater, the Dream Grove is a lovely outdoor space with a large lawn for the audience and a small, curving grove of trees encircling a performance area. The space has been used in numerous configurations over the years, from a fully constructed 18’x18’ stage area to an open field. Drawing electrical power from the Ballibay Theater, full lighting, sound and video are supported. The Dream Grove was named for the first production in the space: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in 1996.


The Soul Tree is located behind the Outdoor Platform stage. Surrounded by bushes, the Soul Tree provides a lovely background for outdoor productions. It draws electrical power from the nearby Outdoor Platform, enabling considerable lighting. It was named for the first production of The Fisherman and His Soul, circa 1990.


The Moon Tree is located directly behind the Outdoor Platform. It is a delightful outdoor space with an unusual performance area, bordered by the back of the outdoor platform on stage right, and a beautiful old tree on the left. Its proximity to the outdoor platform allows for full theatrical lighting. The Moon Tree is named after the production of Dark of the Moon in the late 1970s.

Learn more about Ballibay’s other campus facilities– cabins and art studios.