Sample Camper Schedule


Jack prefers a half-day of theater, is an art lover, gardener, takes guitar lessons, and appreciates having free time.

Morning, 9:00-12:00:
He starts his day in the garden because it’s still cool; today vegetables are being harvested and being taken over to the kitchen. Once the veggies are picked and washed, he heads over to the e-mail area to send a quick note home, and then up to the art studios to continue the collage he started yesterday. At 11:30 he goes to “free swim” at the pool, which is available every day 11-12. Everyone goes back to the cabins at Noon to get ready for lunch at 12:30. 

After lunch is a Rest Period, and the camp gathers for the One-Minute Performance at 2:35 and a recap of afternoon offerings. Today a group of 20 dancers gather on the hillside to perform a graceful one-minute piece. They look like reeds blowing in the wind. Every day is something different!

Afternoon, 3:00-5:00:
Jack’s in a play that rehearses in the afternoons, so most days he’s with his director and fellow cast-members all afternoon. Today his guitar teacher arranged with the play’s director to release him for a lesson. So, he has his guitar lesson 3:00-3:30, and spends 3:30-5:00 in rehearsal. At 5:00 the whole camp gathers for the “5:00 special,” an informal performance. Today it is some awesome original songs by two camper-formed bands! The whole camp goes to dinner at 5:30 after the performance.

Free time, 6:30-7:00:
Very few activities are scheduled during this half-hour. Jack decides to find a quiet spot to practice the material from the afternoon’s guitar lesson.

Evening Activities, 7:00-8:00:
Jack heads back to the art studios to continue work on his collage; he’s really excited about this piece! At 7:45 he returns to the e-mail computers to message a few of his friends from home. At 8:00 everyone goes back to the cabins to put on long sleeves and long pants, grab a flashlight, and then go the evening program.

Evening Program, 8:40:
Tonight the program is a Bonfire, with performances by campers and staff. Jack attends with his cabin, and enjoys the cool evening, bright fire, and rousing songs. Snacks are served, which his cabin-mates helped to make earlier today in the Food Education program!


Daniel: THE ARTIST who loves HORSES
Sonia: THE ROCKER who loves TECH
Kai: THE DJ who plays TROMBONE