Sample Camper Schedule


Sonia is a hard-core bass player and singer, and is in the Rock Farm program. But she also loves video and technical theater!

Morning, 9:00-12:00:
She's organized a band with her friends, and they decide to rehearse 9:00-10:00. This afternoon they will be presenting the first verse and chorus of a new original song, so they want to polish that material and get ready.

Her first staff-coached band rehearses 10:00-11:00; she’s playing bass for both a heavy metal tune and a folk tune, in the same band. Really cool! At 11:00 she’s been called for a video lesson, where she is going to learn how to be a Technical Director, operating the 8-camera HD video switcher for an upcoming show. There are a lot of buttons, but Jared the video instructor is patient, and she gets the hang of it quickly. Everyone goes back to the cabins at Noon, and she practices on the porch of her cabin for her one-minute performance today! Lunch is at 12:30.

After lunch is a Rest Period, and the camp gathers for the One-Minute Performance at 2:35 and a recap of afternoon offerings. Today she and her band are performing! The whole camp has arrived right on time at 2:35 - you can't be late for a one-minute performance! The counselor gives the signal, and they play a one minute version of their new song-in-progress. It feels great to put it out there!

Afternoon, 3:00-5:00:
Sonia is operating a follow-spot for the show tonight, so she needs to attend the “full tech” dress rehearsal of the show this afternoon to practice her role. She’s never run follow spot before, so 3:00-3:30 Katie from the technical theater staff works with her to get her comfortable with the spot, and goes over all of the cues for the show. At 3:30 the rehearsal starts. Sonia is nervous, but Katie is there with her and -- as she receives the cues on her headset -- she gets the spot in the right location every time! By 4:30 the rehearsal is over and Sonia just needs a half-hour to chill.  It was so intense! At 5:00 she and Katie, and a few members of the cast, who have just changed out of costume, walk over to the “5:00 Special.” Today it is “Impro,” improvisational comedy by campers and staff developed in a class that was offered over the last week. Super funny!

Free time, 6:30-7:00:
Very few activities are scheduled during this half-hour. It’s usually a nice time to take a walk, play some tennis or participate in the sports activity on the sports field, or just hang out with friends; but since Sonia is working the show tonight she meets with Katie to get a few notes from the afternoon’s rehearsal. She’s a little nervous!

Evening Activities, 7:00-8:00:
Sonia’s second band rehearses. This band chose a David Bowie song and a Flock of Seagulls song. She’d never heard of Flock of Seagulls before, but she totally digs them! One of her band-mates says it’s his favorite band. She leaves rehearsal a few minutes early so that she can be on-time for her 8:00 call as follow-spot operator. She’s been wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans since Rest Period since she knew she’d not be back to the cabins from 2:30 until late, and blacks are required for crew!

Evening Program, 8:40:
The house lights go down, the pre-show music fades (Tania, who is in her cabin, is running sound, and Joshua, her band-mate, is on the light board) and the show begins. The Stage Manager, Lois, a Counselor in Training, is calling all the cues. The performers come onstage, and Sonia’s first cue is called. She trains the spotlight on the singer (that’s Marcie; she’s a first-year camper, just like Sonia) and follows her, illuminating her perfectly. The rest of the show comes off without a hitch, and Sonia is so happy and relieved! She can't wait to be Technical Director!


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