Camp Ballibay is the ideal creative space for all young aspiring artists. As a small summer arts camp, Camp Ballibay provides campers with a safe space to express themselves, explore, and emphasize joy, play, experimentation, inspiration and improvisation in the visual arts, dance, theater, and rock music. We offer deep, process-oriented, flexible and engaging programs for young artists at all levels in a traditional summer arts camp setting. Campers ages 8-16 come from all over North and South America, Europe, and Asia to spend 2-7 weeks on our pristine mountaintop campus in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Established in 1964, we have a long history as a diverse, tolerant, and safe camp for creative kids.

Our kids are second generation Ballibay campers. My siblings attended for many years and the tradition goes on strong with our children. Apart from the awesome offerings of the camp: the activities, the facilities, the counselors, etc., there is something special about the Ballibay experience that lasts a lifetime. Decades later, my brothers and sister are still close with friends from Ballibay, and often talk about experiences there that shaped who they are. The atmosphere is warm and the culture of the camp is one of inclusion, community, generosity and sharing. Our kids came home with their musical horizons broadened as listeners and they gained new confidence and new skills as performers. The flexibility of the way activities are structured also gave them opportunities to try out art forms they had never considered. We can't praise Ballibay highly enough and encourage anyone with kids who are creative or interested in exploring their creativity to sign up with confidence.


Ballibay camp has changed my daughters' lives. They both have done Art Farm and Rock Farm and just absolutely love their experience there. They look forward to going to camp every summer and then relish the experience of camp for months after that. I would recommend this camp to anyone with kids who are interested in all the arts, music, acting and filming. What a great camp!


My daughter has gone to the Farm Arts Camp at Camp Ballibay for the past 3 years and will continue to go every year until she is out of school because it is one of the most all around amazing camps for kids in the arts and performing arts I have ever seen! She comes home bubbling for months not only about what she learned and did but the friends she made. Can't wait for her to get to camp once again this year!


I went to camp ballibay when I was a kid and loved it. I met so many great people from all over the country who I have stayed in touch with. Talented, nice and down to earth described the kids and staff. When I had kids of my own that loved the arts I knew I wanted them to have an experience like I did are Camp Ballibay. I was even lucky enough to work there as an adult and I observed that other than updated tech stuff not much had changed. Beautiful campus, family owned and run, people who are passionate about the arts and take their job serious to give campers an experience and teaching them new things that they can take with them to improve upon what they already know. If you want a ritzy camp for a spoiled child, this might not be a good fit. If you want a camp for you creative kid who loves collaboration with other creatives than this is a good fit.


Ballibay is a place I can proudly call my second home. There I am free to be myself and not be afraid of what people think of me. I'm looking forward to my fourth year.